Amazon AWS cloud computing products settled in China

by Rosgani 1

Amazon AWS Cloud

This morning, Amazon AWS cloud computing products Chinese site quietly on the line. The move means that the Internet giant Amazon cloud computing services will soon be settled in China.

It has been observed that the content on the Chinese website brief AWS products and solutions, and is still relatively thin. Users can use the the Amazon Global Account Login, but need to fill in some personal information.

Amazon Web Services provided include: Amazon Elastic Compute cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Simple Database (Amazon SimpleDB), Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon Simple Queue Service) and Amazon CloudFront.

But products such as EC2 and S3 cloud can when formal domestic-oriented enterprises is still unknown. The launch of the new page, AWS has provided support for hundreds of companies worldwide in 190 countries / regions.

If the Amazon AWS cloud computing formally enter the Chinese domestic cloud enterprises, such as  Alibaba and grand undoubtedly a huge challenge.

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