Jack Ma is step down as Alibaba CEO

by Rosgani 1

Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba
Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba

Jack Ma, is the man behind the Alibaba, as the one of China’s dominant e-commerce firm, has told to his employee that he will step down as a CEO in May. But he still to continue as executive chairman and company;s strategy promotion for oversee.

Ma said in the letter, “from the bottom of my heart, I admire the young people today the Internet is dominated by young people, give them more, bigger stage is our responsibility, it is our pleasure, but also those of us people create biggest contribution to the company’s future this year, Ali was born in the vast majority of the 60’s leader will exit management execution role, our leadership responsibility will be handed over to colleagues in the 1970s and 1980s. because we believe They know better than we the future, more ability to create tomorrow.”

Ma said, “do it yourself happy, do what you can with just like me who work today, I should do the right thing”.

Prior to the January 10, Alibaba Group announced the largest organizational change since its inception in 1999, the establishment of the 25 Division, and the original business decision-making and implementation system has been adjusted, the new system by the strategic decision-making committees by the Board of Directors and the strategic management of the Executive Committee constitute.

Ma stressed that the molding successor system based Alibaba Group, confidence in the management team in the future, “Ali’s performance made me proud, but it made me surprise growth of Ali has unique culture created a large number of unique charm of Ali as the founder CEO concessions CEO is not an easy decision, because it is likely to cause misunderstanding. especially my age, or a conventional sense, the prime of life when I have absolutely no lazy the idea, though when Ali Baba CEO is never easy, I saw Ali dreams of young people is even more beautiful than I, more brilliant, more ability to create their own tomorrow.

Ma said Ali aspires development 102 years, we have 88 years to go, there is no health, good young man succession system, we can hardly imagine that we will come to that day today is our future N leader rotation shifts in first. Alibaba has this ability, strength and responsibility well successor system building, and we have this ability to “.

As the Alibaba Group was one of the characteristics of the organization and management culture, successors system exists so far since the company was founded, its core for each level supervisor must consciously train his successor as part of the day-to-day work, their own management experience, ideas and explore the future form of management and share through words and deeds, as well as the form of “passing” transmission to the young managers to help them better growth for the next generation of the Ali Group managers.

In order to implement this system in place, the Alibaba Group established the Organization Department, focusing on the establishment of the cadre system, the cadres of the growth and development of corporate culture and heritage. Every year, the Organization Department of Alibaba Group and various subsidiaries a massive talent inventory for the future development of the company’s talent pool.

And under any of the Alibaba Group CEO candidates, Ma said, “founder CEO succession is a very difficult job, especially connected to like my character and class ‘ET’ CEO requires great courage and spirit of sacrifice. Ali fortunate few such talents, each of whom has a rare charisma and style they will give Ali into different elements and temperament, but to convince them to make such a huge sacrifice and commitment. A difficult task, which is considered more than a year to do so I’m a few months ahead of the announced departure of CEO encourage young colleagues to stand up and play, and we do not have to worry about, we are confident that announced the new CEO, in the May 10.”

May 10 of each year, Alibaba Group’s annual “Ali Day” year on this day, the company will have celebrations, held mass wedding, and open the company to friends and relatives Day, let Ali relatives and The friend approached Ali Baba, feel the spirit of Ali culture, and Ali idea to show Passing the torch. May 10 this year, to coincide with the tenth anniversary.