HTC break the myth on their UltraPixel camera

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HTC Ultrapixel

HTC exit from the high pixel phone camera contest launched a brand new UltraPixel photography, become the focus of recent domestic and foreign media and consumer hot. Compared with the 13 million pixel mobile phone camera now popular, the new machine HTC One camera sensor only 400 million pixel value, the maximum length and width of the photo resolution is only 2688 × 1520 pixels.

But HTC have stressed their own R&D UltraPixel sensor a stronger light capture ability, with the built-in OIS optical image stabilization system, such as better image quality is generally high contrast pixel mobile phone camera, and mobile phone photography short board – low light outstanding shooting performance, breaking the tradition of high pixel equal high quality “cognitive.

HTC Symon Whitehorn quoted view of the “New York Times” editorial, said the high pixel is equal to the high quality is a big lie. Emphasized traditional high pixel camera is the number of pixels on the sensor. The most direct impact of the number of pixels, the size of the photo, the higher the pixel values, can wash out the photo size greater, can also be seen in the enlarged view digital devices more details. pixel values ​​in theory the higher the better. “This is Nokia’s PrueView pure King respected.

“But the sensor pixel value is not the sole criterion for the decision quality Symon Whitehorn, explained,” depends on the size of the sensor as well as the area of ​​the unit pixel camera imaging quality, which determines how much light the camera sensor can capture. ” the case of the same size, the pixel value is increased, then tend to reduce the area of ​​the unit pixel, and this means that the lighting area of ​​the photosensitive unit also will be smaller, also reduces the amount of light pass, poor imaging results in low light conditions.

“We UltraPixel sensor in addition to size larger than the average cell phone, smartphone unit pixel area, which makes the unit pixel photosensitive ability 300% which means that users can more shooting under low light conditions good photos, such as shooting in dimly lit restaurant cuisine lens. “Symon Whitehorn said.

According to official reports, the the HTC One’s camera consists of four basic components, including the front lens group, f/2.0 large aperture lens, UltraPixel sensor and second generation HTC imagechip image processor. Play a decisive role of imaging quality but also the number of brand new UltraPixel sensor and the second generation image processor.
UltraPixel sensor size 1/3 inch, Nokia Lumia 920, than ordinary phone to a large photographic ability. A point worth mentioning is that the unit pixel area of ​​the UltraPixel sensor to 4μm, and the general mobile phone, a unit pixel area of ​​2 μm. In the case of without increasing the pixel values, to increase the area of ​​the unit pixel can enhance the amount of received light of the sensor, and to reduce the noise of the signals between the sensor unit pixel. Compared to the general sensor, UltraPixel sensor unit pixel photosensitive ability 300%. Although the the HTC One output of the pixel value is not high, only 4 million pixels, but the image quality can be guaranteed.

UltraPixel camera also has a dual-axis image stabilization technology. the large aperture of f/2.0 also quite good in the same phone, can provide the ideal amount of light. In low light conditions, high sensitivity sensor with the f/2.0 aperture lens and dual-axis image stabilization technology, allows users to more easily take clear photos and videos.

Addition the, HTC imagechip image processor mainly to enrich the color and layering of photos, photo noise reduction processing, and bring as continuous focus, vignetting and chromatic aberration compensation, real-time the HDR recording, dynamic photos a variety of functions. The camera’s shutter speed 1/48 sec, high-speed continuous shooting effect is impressive.

Competition in today’s mobile phone hardware, the increasing homogenization of the era, the brand-new of 4,000,000 pixels UltraPixel camera can be described as a bold breakthrough. In summary, the the HTC One using the new technology by the relatively large pixel area of ​​the sensor size and units, to improve the performance of the sensitivity of the sensor, in combination with optical image stabilization, low-light shooting ability is superior. Of course, it’s shooting ability Does it really official publicity as unique, yet to be more professionals and users to experience their own.