The new MT6589M chipset from Mediatek

by Rosgani 3


Mediatek is one of domestic chipset manufacturer and now they already release the quad-core processor debut through MT6589 chipset but now thet ready to unveiled their new MT6589M, what’s the different with the predecessor?

Mediatek is preparing their secret weapon through the new MT6589M and ready to compete with Qualcomm. Today, the most domestic smartphone manufacturer has been release their products with Mediatek chipset since the Mediatek is offer low proce but offers maximum performance for smartphones and tablet devices.

In fact, MediaTek send the most common approach is to make the market think that their company is very bad, quite let advantage of this opportunity to make the taste, and then suddenly one day start large-scale release of more good news shipments Lee! In fact, MediaTek internal morale is very high, as competitors Qualcomm filing blanket “secret weapon upcoming scabbard. MediaTek is planning a big plan in the second half of this year is to take-all in mainland China in low-end mobile phone chip market.

With the price of mass destruction
Think that a quad-core chip MT6589 smart phone is the main product of this year, MediaTek, it was wrong! Because under the cover of the MT6589, MediaTek is working to produce more price destruction chip-MT6589M,. And focus MediaTek chip specifications, and other details remain confidential home, it shows the degree of attention. But in fact, MT6589M variant of the MT6589 can support a multimode WCDMA, TD SCDMA, and EDGE, but will be part of the functional specifications to come down, for example, MT6589 supports Full HD, but MT6589M only support HD.

And the maximum difference between the two is that the manufacturing cost. MT6589 and MT6589M on the wafer output, although all twenty-eight Nano, but former uses solder bump which bumps with studs process; addition, after the end of the bumping, MT6589 require the RDL, i.e. Line Re The fabric repair process, but MT6589M do not. Alone in this part of the foundry, the costs spread over three percent.

Aimed at the November holiday sales tide
In accordance with the outgoing message by the mainland’s mobile phone market, MT6589M the MT6589 light chip total manufacturing costs, the spread between the two at least fifteen percent to twenty percent; made public board, both priced at least can be poor to . The sharp cost advantage will be reaction on the price of the chip, MT6589M is the secret weapon of the second half of this year, MediaTek main. Moreover, the industry also reported, Qualcomm internal attaches great importance to the chip, and also quite the pressure, and is actively searching for the relevant information, and pondering a response to it.

MT6589M has to send samples to the mainland mobile phone brand manufacturers to enter the certification stage, also began to cast piece chip mass production point in time will be targeted in June and July, before the Golden Week in August and September up the goods boom. In terms of the overall multi-mode 3G smart phone, MT6589 main high-end market, as MT6589M will have a large bite in low-level opportunities.

But to think that the second half of this year for the secret weapon of the smart phone chip, MediaTek MT6589M, you’re wrong! For cheap white card under $ 100 or cottage phone field, the single-mode part, In addition to the just recently introduced for WCDMA system MT6572, MediaTek is expected in the early third quarter of the second half of the second quarter, as well as Both variants of the chip will be large-scale mass production market, including for the the TD system of MT6572D well for EDGE systems MT6572E. In whether the MT6572, MT6572D or MT6572E, are also using twenty-eight nanometer process output dual-core chip, but are single-mode and dual-core, so the price will be low, MediaTek second half of the other two weapons . This article from the the MTK phone network

As for the the MediaTek second quarter contains EDGE and 3G smart phone chip shipments, including estimated effective due to the eve of May up the goods, and the new MediaTek chips will continue the advent of mass production, single-season smart phone chip shipments the estimated increase twenty-five% Daosi Cheng, reached fifty million. The third quarter because of the new MediaTek chips have begun large-scale heavy volume, plus the terminal market the big pull cargo tide of Golden Week, the single-season shipments will reach a peak the seventy million estimated point of view.

A then a turnaround theme
To the fourth quarter because of the Lunar New Year in late January next year, so advance up the goods-effective, single-season estimate shipments reached sixty million, so the whole MediaTek chip shipments of smart phones this year more than two hundred million teeth, no doubt.

Revenue performance benefited from the March smart phone chip shipments doubled, at least nine billion yuan to take off the MediaTek March revenue, not only the monthly growth rate of almost half of the first quarter revenue more smoothly touchdowns, and fall on earnings forecast of two hundred thirty-five billion the Ersi ○ billion standard range.