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Another iPhone 5 Knock-off, Only $99 In this Summer

by Shine Wong 3

sunnycube v5

Goophone do best on iPhone copy, but the price is not low enough. Sunnycube change the rule this time. You will only pay $99 for Sunnycube in this summer, and will get a phone 100% like iPhone 5.

Sunnycube V5 is as same as iPhone 5, only 7.6mm thickness aluminium body,  4 inch TFT screen, with 800*480 pixel display, powered 1GHz dual-core MTK MT6517 processor, along with 512MB RAM, 8GB storage. This phone has 5MP rear camera and 1.3Mp front camera. This phone only support GSM 2G network. I think it only for someone don’t has data plan. If you use WiFi to connect with internet, so it is not a problem for you.

Where to buy the Sunnycube V5? Please visit here:

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  • kopl

    does this have apple symbol?

  • No

    Where can u buy this phone?

  • Ron Jeremy

    So you’re telling me that I can pay $100 for a phone that only works on a 2G network, has a shitty processor that I wouldn’t use to power a toy car, graphics that take you back to 1985, and oh by the way the batteries you cheap fukers are using will blow up on you so you have to pray that it doesn’t happen when you are talking on it (Or better yet, when it’s in my pocket beside my bits and pieces). All of these options for $100 and the possibility that my junk will get blown off or just get a REAL iPhone 5 from AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint for $100 and not have to worry about any of goophone (or was it spoodgephone). Too funny.