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NO.1 S6 Hands-on, The Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Clone With Floating Touch

by Shine Wong 7

NO.1 S6
NO.1 S6

NO.1 S6 rumor this phone has floating touch feature and smart pause function. Finally, we have got this hands-on video, and are very surprise about the new technoligy on a China phone.

Here is the NO.1 S6 hands-on video:

From the video, they only show floating slide feature, maybe they achieve this function by LED or other technoligy, not real floating touch panel. But it really close to original Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, not only the same size body and same interface software.

As Android-inside blog report, they will get NO.1 S6 phone before July 15th. Now they accept pre-order, and provide $30 discount for pre-order buyers.

Source: Android-Inside Blog

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  • no name

    Has anyone noticed that the brand was taped over with a piece of masking tape? So is this phone (in the video & pic) really a No. 1 S6 phone? I’m suspicious as it may be a Samsung S4 disguised as a No. 1 S6 phone.

    • Unknown

      I wondered that too since i first saw the video, as far as i know all this type of clone phone don’t come with the samsung logo… Interesting.???

      • you’re wrong. HDC have been selling their clone phones using Samsung brand. And people use it to scam stupid / people who don’t really know about gadget.

    • K86


      i have a real Samsung S4 and i can tell you a few reasons why it’s a real clone :

      1°) screen isn’t samoled, you can see that when he moves the unit around while watching video mostly (better vision angles and contrast on original S4) or if you got good eyes, black isn’t perfect on galery’s background.

      2°) that gesture feature.. isn’t supported in apps menu on original S4 just as simple as that.

      3°) software is different : galery, video player, widgets and bloatwares in menus. You may think they are the same because you don’t own one like i do. But for example, in the galery, you always get 1st picture bigger than all others. Video player is also totally different. So i think they are stock android ones.

    • Lucas

      This is the original S4…Cause chineses dont have multitask, and look at the video there’s de little icon onthe left of multitasking…..

  • No name

    It’s because its illegal to put the samsung logo on the phone when its not a samsung phone so they put tape over the logo. So samsung cannot sue them. I think when u get the phone the samsung logo will be on it.

  • evelyn alejandra roldan

    ola y el samsung galaxy s4 que precio tiene porfavor respondan