Android 4.3 on Galaxy S4 Google Edition Smartphone

by Shine Wong 0

sgs4 android 4.3
It looks like Samsung’s latest flagship handset, the Galaxy S4, may be receiving an Android OS update. The publication has reportedly obtained an early build of Android 4.3 for the Galaxy S4 Google Edition handset. The blog released several screen images providing a first look at the mobile OS update.

Many analysts and industry pundits were expecting Google to announce the next iteration of its mobile platform (Key Lime Pie) at the Google I/O developer conference last month. Android 4.3 does not appear to be that upgrade, as it seems that the OS will be keeping its “Jelly Bean” moniker.

According to our sources, the upgrade is expected to arrive on Nexus and Google Edition devices in July. The blog has also posted an early build for Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Google Edition owners to install on their phones.

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