Review: ZTE Geek, Android smartphone with Intel processor

by Rosgani 1

ZTE Geek

ZTE is one of Chinese manufacturer that already going to global market, for a while now ZTE is also built the flagship smartphone that powered by Intel processor, that’s called as ZTE Geek.

ZTE Geek is the awesome products, since this phone has a nice specs, this phone is also offers for only 1888 yuan price or around $308 USD price. And now we have got a review about the ZTE Geek.

Appearance, workmanship and industrial design

1) ZTE Geek has nice design, this phone is packs with slim body design, looming out of the design style. Black casing with rounded corner make this phone is look elegant, smooth rounded rectangle with the same at the back body. Around a thin border, presenting a surface with the back transition, so the design, the fuselage from the side is very slim and elegant. The first impression is often overlooked and down the border, thicker, was streamlined.




ZTE Geek is possible to simplify for most of user, the ZTE Geek has the best design and also reflected in the design of mobile phones – When you carefully scrutinize the phone up and down the border, sides and four corners transition, there did not feel a simple, quiet and Elegant? Geek depict side, borders, and the back cover design language, so that the refined, while passing the full beauty of art.

2) Bold aesthetic, crude and refined. ZTE Geek has 144 x 71.5 x 9.5mm body dimmension, law-abiding, and has 148 grams of weight, is also quite a weight in his hand. Geek has a removable battery, while the back cover can be remove, it is divided into front and rear shell in two parts. Since there is no separate frame, ZTE Geek has relatively abrupt phone’s screen, especially when the cover is removed. Moreover, under normal circumstances, is to highlight the screen in the form of the backing plate, this direct use, cover the periphery “parcel” approach the screen, the process too simple.

Although in some respects Geek rough and ill-considered, but in the aesthetic impact on the details, or to give sufficient attention. One-piece back, the body was crafts usinf CNC machine process of fine grinding out the speaker holes in the domestic machine, a rare delicacy. Rounded camera, a metal ring inlaid with backplane integration in the right position. Right border of three plastic buttons, feel good in the dark under one cover, to a certain degree of contrasting metallic luster.

3) Positive too common. The importance of face, not only reflected in the human body, the phone is also true. Back killer, shot from the side of what beauty, Geek phone really have so little taste, but the front screen, it is too bland. No narrow border, on the lack of visual impact; gray virtual keys below the screen, not with the black panel integration, can clearly recognizable, which is to reduce the phone grade flaw.

4) slovenly. Figure, from the perspective of the picture, the screen and the border is not in a horizontal line, so that the assembly and processing, it is a bit rough ah. This problem is still relatively small, Geek mobile integrated frame + back cover, although in the design impeccable, but the choice of materials, and manufacturing on the poor is hardly satisfactory.



The primary issue, the plastic used in Geek, feel generally no problem, knock back shell, had been able to hear the peculiar kind of cheap plastic hollow echo. Secondly, plastic toughness poor, borders and screen combination is not close enough, a little harder, will be able to cover the nail side of the border among screens and embedded.

5) Compare the keys wonderful location. Geek phone buttons, including the power key, volume key, independent camera button, all concentrated in the right box. This design has the advantage that when you lie in bed, you can directly down on the left border of the phone sideways to play without fear of inadvertently phone keys, and, for a long time to maintain this position, the arm will not sour. However, in some special occasions, everyday use, dense arrangement of the keys is very inconvenient. You have to turn up the volume, but often to press the power button and the camera button, the phone on your pocket, also unprovoked firing a button.

All in all, Geek handset design language, simple, refined and there is a certain aesthetic, highlighting the lines and arcs abstract thinking combined, compared with Geek Fan. Workmanship, some small nice place, but the overall level was not enough to impress people, material selection and assembly on the rough, it is more apparent mishap.


Unexpectedly, ZTEGeek phone screen, has excellent manner beyond the expected small series, although the parameters did what’s attractions – 5 inches 1280 × 720 resolution, IPS LCD material, OGS full-screen paste .

General sense, using the OGS full screen lamination technique can reduce reflection and increase the permeability of the screen, so that the LCD backplane luminous efficiency, Geek of this screen, not only the above advantages, but also shows the top IPS LCD material qualities: brightness is high enough; accurate color reproduction; grayscale identify many levels, and the consequent high contrast; rich layers of color, image detail outstanding performance;

More than just words directly on the map comparison:

Price over 3000, 5.5 inches IPS screen (non-OGS) of the Lenovo K900, and price 1888,5.0 inch IPS screen (OGS) ZTE Geek contrast



5180.jpg 5181.jpg 5182.jpg

ZTE Geek with iPhone 5, the screen display the same picture contrast


Words, a display of the iPhone 5 par 5 inches IPS screen, appearing in a 1888 loom, it is enough to have cost-effective. In this small series to provide those who always attached importance to the parameters shoes cries, this 5 inches 720P screen, although difficult banal surface parameters into your stuff, but the real experience later, but do not reveal the shocking oh.

Geek stunning phone’s screen is not wrong, Xiao Bian After prolonged use, the panel found that the bottom of the screen virtual keys have more serious problem:

First of all, more adequate in the light of the day, virtual keys backlight will be lit in two cases: Boot the moment / insert seat rechargeyour moment. Night, only in a completely dark room, or on the streets shrouded darkness, it will play a role. From disassemble diagram, Geek mobile virtual keys have three separate LED backlight illuminates, there is no “flawed”, I do not know ZTE deliberate design considerations for saving or software optimization problem, in short, , the day will not be lit against a gray virtual keys, which is cottage / low-end machines have experience.


Secondly, the feedback virtual keys, is not only effective slag, feedback delay is also particularly high, in some cases, even fast time, it simply is no feedback. Because of the high latency feedback / no feedback, the frequency is higher, the phone does not perform key mapping operations, which affect the experience too. To solve this problem, some people say that this is the integration of OGS Geek full lamination panel technology immaturity caused, in any case, this is the Geek experience so far, the most prominent defects, ZTE got to find a solution.


ZTE Geek with a 800-megapixel camera with F2.0 large aperture with the flash , the right box below also has a separate camera button, While 8 million pixel back-illuminated sensor BSI, specifically how the imaging results, see with the iPhone 5 picture contrast. (Proofs for the iPhone, under the Geek proofs)



Effect after twice enlarged detail



From the proofs of view, ZTE GEEK Fengyun 8,000,000 pixel back-illuminated camera with the iPhone 5 gap significantly, especially when enlarged, a pale, indicating cell phone for large aperture of F2.0 poorly controlled. The amount of light is high, the corresponding shutter adjustment has not kept pace. Formation of overexposure poor contrast, color reproduction is missing, one can distinguish.

Night side, Geek large aperture camera advantage is more obvious, as shown:


ZTE Geek camera skill, although not as a world-class manufacturers, but in the country, should be considered a leader. Same as the “fever” mobile phone, the same 800-megapixel camera, Geek relative millet 2S compete on taking pictures, got a few small series comparison chart (formerly Zhongxing Geek, after Millet 2S):





Obviously, Geek in detail, contrast perform better on, but poor color reproduction.

Camera software, ZTE Geek supports HDR, face recognition, panoramic camera, etc. In addition, with the preloaded tuxiuxiu indirectly provides beauty features.

Run sub-

Dual-core four-thread Intel Atom Z2580, the Atom’s tablet , mobile phone universal Clover Trail + series of the most high-end processor, clocked at 2.0GHz, integrated set of graphics chip PowerVR SGX544MP2, running at 533MHz frequencies, approaching theoretical graphics capabilities Apple A5X. Intel Atom Z2580 processor +2 GB RAM +8 GB ROM (Support Micro SD card expansion), exactly how the performance of the following is the most intuitive running sub Results:


No exaggeration to say, Intel Atom Z2580 performance has been among the industry-leading level flagship, the actual use, whether smoothly run multiple applications, or play a large 3D games, no pressure.

Fever and endurance

Disassemble shows, ZTE Geek device in response to heat up, and not particularly prominent initiatives. The main chip, neither see copper, graphite thermal paste did not help dissipate heat, only the metal shield cover, if we take into account the poor thermal conductivity of the plastic body, Geek fever will probably somewhat optimistic. The following are air-conditioned room temperature 29 degrees, playing one hour “Need for Speed: Most Wanted” after the, body heat test:




This result is how do you say, it makes sense, as opposed to other Android high-end machine, 46 ° C are also not unacceptable.

Aspects of life, Geek with a 2300mAh removable battery, measured, and even WiFi, screen brightness to maximum when playing Need for Speed ​​is only one hour away barely 20% of the electricity. Small series in two weeks of use, I found Geek life should belong to the upper level Android machine: fully charged in the case, one hour a day brush microblogging, 1-2 hours of web browsing, and occasionally play games, you can persist day and night.

Systems and applications

System UI, ZTE like other domestic manufacturers, aesthetic ability is not flattered. Boot screen, press the middle of the icon will appear ZTE iconic rotating aperture unlock screen, pull up or down, petal-shaped icon will appear, which is more than Lenovo’s Clover, Walled tasteless some.



Geek of the system is based on Android 4.2.2, although the custom system, but as with MIUI and Flyme OS has its own name – “MiFavor UI”, meaning “My Favorite”. It is relatively Primal Android system, and did not do too many changes, the same double-interface – the main screen interface + application program interface, the same multi-task interface, the drop-down menu at the top of the classification, the information notification page and shortcut pages independence.





Application interface is rather special, the top of an edit field, it seems incongruous. In addition, Geek style than the messy application icon, the system as a whole gives the impression that difficult compared with MIUI and Flyme OS. Although ZTE claims Geek phone turned on by default, “developer mode” mobile phone playability is very high, it is entirely built on the ZTE built some applications, such as sinks sharing, and clutter on the edit page and customization options.

System in terms of fluency, with high configuration – Intel Z2580 processor +2 GB RAM, and a resurgence in the system really making a big effort touch optimized, Geek together with a very smooth, even more than the high-end Android machine still cool. Touch feedback fast, flexible, rhythmic, multi-task operation and changeover without the slightest Caton, the system BUG has not identified, the machine crashes and other serious problems in daily use for two consecutive weeks, it only happened once. Therefore, the suspect would be an immature Geek, blemishes and more, running Android machine Caton-made children’s shoes, you put one hundred thousand heart good.

Of course, Geek of the system, the overall impression given Xiaobian pretty good, but one thing that happened recently, you must come up with is this: get a real machine in the first week, Xiao Bian deleted Geek own some dispensable applications, recently discovered a system update available Geek phone, full of joy that ZTE released a firmware update, is addressing the virtual keys backlighting and feedback problems, but did not expect that so-called “System Update” is nothing but comes with software updates, and delete applications are back! domestic mobile phone, why give consumers a negative impression, this is a very important reason – to blanket manufacturers, consistent user experience benefits outweigh the principle of , but not in both balance!


Geek phones are relatively balanced in all aspects, whether it is performance, photography skill, the screen is remarkable, however, the machine work and some small aspects of the flaws, still need improvement. ZTE strongly advocate the “geeks Fan”, that is, playability, and other Android machines are no different. Root is still not a cell phone, do not provide the software and hardware tools brush machine, open only to so-called “developer mode” and built several fun tools and applications, not to mention really geeks. As for wireless charging anything, Nexus 4 and other Android machine has also been a.

Overall, ZTE Geek does Geek, is a quite cost-effective mobile phone. Imitation millet, ZTE Geek tangible without God, even though the hardware at the essence of the essence, not significant at the dross dross, ZTE Geek efforts to highlight the 1888 price, but did not achieve the desired publicity. That a no Geek style of the conference, it is neither fish nor fowl, Party not so open, and marketing have to continue to learn!