Meizu MX3 Antutu Benchmark Score: The Competitor Of Samsung Galaxy S4

by Shine Wong 0

meizu mx3 antutu benchmark score


Tonight, Meizu MX3 will launch with Samsung Exyons 5410 processor. The main chipset is similar like Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, so when Meizu MX3 benchmark score leaked, What’s different between the both phones?

Meizu MX3 overall has similar performance with Samsung S4. The main difference between the two particles in memory performance, resulting MX3 in storage I / O area somewhat less, and the other is because Meizu Flyme 3.0 optimization, so Multitasking scores declined. Because Antutu V4.0 adds support for the UI test, so this result also have further improved with Flyme3.0 of continuous improvement.