ZTE is preparing the more powerfull FirefoxOS smartphone

by Rosgani 0

ZTE-FX-01ZTE looks serious to provide Firefox OS smartphones, while ZTE is now already release the Android smartphone line up, but ZTE is also has Firefox OS smartphone as the alternative operating systems. This can be seen from the plan of the Chinese companies that are setting up a second handset with the Firefox OS, this device is ready to launch on next year.

The plan revealed by ZTE executive VP He Shiyou when interviewed Michael Kan at the Expo Comm China 2013. According Shiyou, the handset will be released in the first half of 2014 with a larger screen, powered by dual-core processor, and the user interface has been overhauled again while ensuring this phone will be offered with very affordable price.

ZTE is currently said to sell about 100,000 units of ZTE Open, which he calls exceeds supply. He hoped that the number will be doubled later.

Shiyou said that ZTE is a series about small-scale of ZTE Open but he believes that smartphones with HTML5-based OS will be increasingly relevant as the faster network technologies such as LTE will reduce the reliance on software in a handset. He added that in the future there will be no app store business model as it is run today.

Image: ZTE Open, the first Firefox OS smartphone from ZTE
Image: ZTE Open, the first Firefox OS smartphone from ZTE