Dakele 2S Android smartphone offers with $244 USD

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Dakele 2S

On September 26 afternoon, Big Cola has unveiled their new smartphone, Dakele 2S Android phone, this phone is upgrade products since Dakele jas Big Cola 2. While the specs is upgrade but the price is very interesting just for 1,499 yuan or around $244 USD.

On that event, they also introducing their new user interface, Kele UI 1.5 and they also has the new accessories known as Coke Stick that offers only 149 yuan or $24 USD. Is that a Chromecast like USB stick that can stream the content to the big screen or digital TV.
Dakele 2S-02
The new Dakele 2S is packs with a 5.3 inches large screen, the whole design little difference with the previous models, but in the aspects of the processor and the camera is not a small upgrade. The aircraft is equipped with the latest MTK MT6589T quad core processor, compared with the old models, performance improvement of 25%. The phone's front facing camera is also improved from the previous 3 megapixel to 5 megapixels, built-in variety of image processing methods and beauty effects.

The main camera is capable to taking the picture with dark environment, intelligent power-saving technology, GPS optimization, and many other details have been improved significantly.

The reason why the conference called “Twins,” is due to the large Dakele 2S were introduced the ” two device +32,1 and +4″, a combination of two types of memory, where the former is priced at 1,499 yuan ($244 USD), mainly for mobile phone enthusiasts; while the latter price is only 1,199 yuan ($195 USD), more suitable for entry-level users.

Dakele2S-03 Dakele2S-04

KeleUI 1.5 release – not just a simple flat

With iOS7 high-profile release, flat design style gradually been accepted and is considered the next trend, the new release of KeleUI 1.5, the full inheritance of Bauhaus design philosophy, while all the icons also used flat design , minimalist style is very eye-catching. However, in addition to the visual aspects of the changes, the new KeleUI also follow the Bauhaus in interactive design concept for a number of optimization, and its core is a large screen projecting the convenience of one-hand operation.

To unlock the screen, for example, when in any area of ​​the lock screen down to unlock, to avoid sighting compass-style unlock difficulty, while in lock screen for the pull-up operation, you can exhale toolbar, the system will automatically read the most commonly used five application. In addition KeleUI1.5 also smart back, directory search, music player, gallery and other modules of a comprehensive upgrade.

Dakele TV Stick
Dakele 2S-05

The another highlight in the conferece is the availability of Dakele Stick that price of only 149 yuan. Coke Stick is a high-definition Internet TV box, the user can free to watch on TV shows, movies. Mobile terminal can simultaneously, iPhone, iPad, photos and videos inside the computer to the TV via WIFI, giving users a better experience.

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