There is no smartwatch device from Xiaomi

by Rosgani 0

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In the begining of October, Xiaomi is rumored to develop a new smartwatch, but now we have heard from Xiaomi co-founder Liwan Jiang, who says that at this point in time, the company is going to focus on its smartphone and TV business. Xiaomi has never actually confirmed that it is working on smartwatch product.

Xiaomi is knaown as the “Apple of China”, since they has sucessfully release the flagship smartphone, many people has becoming the Xiaomi fans and at te begining of October, there is a rumor that Xiaomi is also preparing the smartwatch device, but Liwan Jiang as the Xioami co-counder is says that Xiaomi will focus on smartphone and TV business, that's mean Xiaomi will never release the smartwatch, but the possibility that a smartwatch might be developed somewhere down the line.