The new iPad poster ads unveiled in China Mobile store

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iPad4G ads

The new iPad posters unveiled in China Mobile stores, whereby guess maybe China Mobile may introduce a new version of iPad 4G, but Apple confirmed this Friday (the 20th) to open After traitorous line version of the new iPad, the media reported that the new iPad 3G version has been tested and does not support TD-LTE, China Mobile introduced the way it seems still variable.

A few days ago on the public sale of retail stores in Shenzhen, China Mobile iPhone 5S and 5c photos, this China Mobile retail stores located in the Futian District, Shenzhen City Link Plaza Shopping Center, from the photos we have seen the new iPad Also in the column, while the country going to the line version of the new iPad will be on sale this Friday, can not help but suspect that if China Mobile will introduce a 4G version of the new iPad.

Earlier, China Mobile started selling the iPhone 5s before and 5c, and 5c Hong Kong version of iPhone 5s that can support TD-LTE, so there is speculation that the new iPad 3G version can support TD-LTE, but Apple will be recognized this week After five open traitorous line version of the new iPad, the media said after tests found the new iPad 3G version does not support TD-LTE, from the point of view only support band FDD-LTE, which gives China Mobile has introduced a new way to cover the iPad a layer of fog.

Apple’s online store on the 16th line on the Chinese version of 3G iPad Air and iPad mini Retina, which sells for 4488 yuan iPad air, and iPad mini Retina is priced at 3788 yuan, followed by Apple this week will confirm the version of the 3G iPad five is the 20th officially started selling.