MediaTek bringsbig.LITTLE chipset at CES 2014

by Rosgani 0


MediaTek is now more popular in the mobile market since they sucessfully release their mobile chipset lineup in the market, and now they ready to introducing their products to Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2024 and bring big.LITTLE chipset to that event.

MediaTek will showing their new products lineup, the one of their  chipset is MT6290 that built with 28nm processing, support for LTE Category 4, thats capable to achieve download speeds of up to 150Mbps. This chipset is compatible with earlier application Mediatek processor, so as to integrate them into new products will be easier.

The anothe chipset is MT1835, a big.LITTLE processor technology with a combination of two processors Cortex A7 and Cortex A15 that comes with PowerVR Series 6 GPU (same generation GPU on Apple iPhone 5S). This chipset has been introduced in July.

And the third Mediatek chipset is claimed as the smallest chipset in the world. This chipset will be an advantage for wearable devices (such as watches, smart glasses and etc.) the market is expected to explode in the year 2014. In addition, Mediatek chipset will also be introduced to the Smart TV, with the ability to read Ultra HD video (with 4K 3840×2160 pixels) in the mode of 60 frames per second.