How the 50-megapixel camera work on OPPO Find 7?

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OPPO F7-01

Recently, OPPO has been announced the example images of upcoming OPPO Find 7 camera capability, the camera has 50 megapixel that offers good quality and impressive picture.

This against Nokia, that now already has 41 megapixel lens through Nokia Lumia with PixelView technology. Almost equal to the SLR. OPPO beyond the trend, and how the 50-megapixel camera work on OPPO Find 7?

According to Nokia’s principle, 50 megapixel requires a large CMOS area. While OPPO Find 7 is using 1.1 micron of back-illuminated CMOS, CMOS counted down the diagonal is 11.22mm, so that’s about 1/1.4 CMOS. The OPPO Find 7 has smaller CMOS than 808 1/1.2, and 1/1.5 slightly larger than 1020, and the OPPO FInd 7 smartphone has more than 10mm body thickness.

The advantage of this approach is the real deal pixel picture quality is real, and can synthesize a plurality of pixels, a very good image quality in low light environtment.

The disadvantage to using this technology is that the price is very expensive, lenses and motors also need to customize. This will become the real issue for most CMOS manufacturer to cut the price.

The new OPPO Find 7 is using the 13 megapixel Sony IMX214 camera, the end of this conjecture.

The example picture that taken by Oppo Find 7 smartphone camera is not a simple interpolation. Since the 13 megapixel is boost to 50 megapixel is look like a simple method, but the details will be very rough. Because Sony’s camera sensor has 1.1-micron CMOS with single-pixel particles is difficult to accept the interpolated image quality.

Most probably, OPPO Find 7 is using the multi-shot technology, is a shooting technique to generate multiple photos and combine in a single picture that mix the pictures. This technic is not new, HDR is the result of the application of this technology. For your information, HDR is the technique to generate multiple photos with different metering, and then final software synthesized to make one picture to produce better image and exposure quality. The object that taken on dim environment will get the good lighting n the result picture. HDR photos technique will taken a picture with a little longer since the camera will take multiple image.

In addition, the images will produce some noise but the HDR technique will reduce the noise and applied with multiple exposure shooting and then generating multiple photos, in a single picture.

Multi-Shot technology as well as an application is to increase the pixels. One shot generate multiple photos, pixels to make a deviation, then the software synthesis will process the picture. This make the 13 megapixel image will be increase to 50 megapixel image wuality, there is a true original pixel information, the image quality will has better and larger pixel.

OPPO Find 5 has HDR feature, this is the first OPPO smartphone that using Multi-Shot technology to enhance the number of pixels, it’s seems is also adopt in Oppo Find 7 smartphone.

The new breakthrough in mobile phone camera
Multi-shot technique will upgrade the pixel quality, Hasselblad has used previously, when the manufacturer is using the low processor, the image processing by software synthesis is too slow to process, but now, the new mobile processor has been change the technology so the smartphone camera with right image processong software, make the new wave of smartphone camera ability.

OPPO is not the first, while Nokia has already using the high definition camera in their Lumia smartphone. But this technology is support by processor performance, hardware and software at the same time. For a while now, Oppo has succes to make a good start to introducing the Oppo Find 7 with this new camera technology.

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