The example picture taken by ZTE nubia X6 camera

by Rosgani 0

Nubia X6 OIS camera

ZTE is ready to release the next-generation of Nubia smartphone, according to some sources, the conference will be held on March 25th, the event will be held in Beijing, they ready to officially released a new flagship product Nubia X6.

From the previous rumors, the upcoming Nubia smartphone will continue to support multi-network model will be equipped with a very powerful camera capabilities, the phone has powerfull camera.  And now we have some picture image that taken by ZTE Nubia X6, this pic courtesy of photographer @White_Stain, thta taken in Las Vegas USA.

From this example picture, the ZTE Nubia X6 camera is quite powerful, reduce the noise, the phone camera is etter than before.

According to rumor the ZTE nubia X6 will also packs with 6 inch scren size.