OPPO is open the ColorOS ROM contest

by Rosgani 0


OPPO is one of the Chinese smartphone menufacturer has open the contest of design the ColorOS ROM for developers. This contest is open from March 24 – April 7th 2014.

The developer can port the ColorOS ROM to another various brand of smartphone devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S4, Huawei, HTC, ViVo and others.

The developers can add many function in ColorOS, to make the usefull capability to Android device, there is manu plenty of value-added services that can embed to ColorOS custom ROM in the contest.

This contest is facilitate by Brush Wizard, the third party Android Custom ROM that provide plenty of ROM that ready to port to Android devices. And this contest is the first time for Brush Wizard website.

The participant can join to http://bbs.coloros.com/rom to vote the best ColorOS from the developers. And here is the competition schedule :

  • Developer Search :2014.03.24 – 2014 .04.11 Registration
  • ROM production: 2014.04.01 – 2014.05.15 adapted according to requirements
  • Submission: 2014.05.16 – 2014.05.31 upload work upon request
  • Works Promotion: 2014.06.01 – 2014.06.20 author, ColorOS communities and partners to promote
  • Competition awards: 2014.06.21 – 2014.06.24 selected based on the quality and quantity of the entries user
  • Presentation publicity: 2014.06.25

ColorOS-01 ColorOS-02