Xiaomi has release the Mi Key just for 4,9 yuan ($1 USD)

by Rosgani 0

Mi Key-02

Xiaomi has unveiled the new accessories, that’s called as Mi Key, those accessories can be used as trigger for flashlight, camera and sound recording.

Mi Key can be slip through 3.5mm audio port, and can be used as trigger button, this accessories is relative simple to use and will be compatible with smartphone interface. With this accessories, the user can use the phone more simple, and can be use to activating flashlight, camera shutter and there is the competition to use that button.

There is another manufacturer has also create this same accesories, but Xiaomi is the first company to unveled this accessories to the public.

Xiaomi Mi Key has several function based on how many you click this stuff, and you can customizing the click times for different command to launch apps.

1, This can be used to take pictures, recordings, made circle of friends, no need to unlock the phoe anc make quick access to the phone.
2, You can customize the Mi Key to launch your desire apps and this make so fun.
3, There is a chllange how to ptimalizm this accesories.
4, This key is combine with MIUI, the only perfect to support with Xiaomi phone.
5, can be used as dust protector.
6, comes with colorful clip, allowing you to carry out to the streets, but not easy to lose.

And we have the fresh news recently, this accessories is also work with any Android phone rather than Xiaomi smartphone.

Mi Key-03 Xiaomi Mi Key-01