Google argue the vendor to put “powered by Android” branding in their products

by Rosgani 2

powered by Android
If you are owner of Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8 smartphone, did you see the new logo below the main logo when you boot up the phone? Yes, there is a new brand “Powered by Android” emblem.

The two new smartphone is now has adopt that branding, since Google is launch the new rules for device that running Android operating systems. Google is requiring all Android manufacturers that include its services (Gmail, Google Maps, etc.) on a device to prominently display the same “powered by” stamp.

In addition, Google also adjust the placement of the “Powered by the Android” brand. The logo should be placed at the bottom of the screen with a size of at least about 40% of the width of the screen. Google also does not allow manufacturers (OEMs) to modify the logo for any reason.