NEO M1 Is Launched On Official International Website With 50% OFF Discount

by Shine Wong 0

neo m1

NEO M1 full specification is leaked 2 weeks ago, but the official international website doesn’t unveil until today. The new international website use domain (the is registed by another UK company). A 50% off big discount for NEO M1 selling on April 25th as a surprise.

NEO M1 Discount

Here is NEO M1 features listed on their official site:

A Beautifully Crafted Smartphone

  • 5.99mm extreme thin aluminium body
  • 5-inch HD screen covers Corning Gorilla Glass touch panel
  • 1,3GHz quad-core processor, excellent energy efficiency
  • 13-megapixel rear camera, Sony IMAX lens
  • LDS anntena provide better signal receiving capability
  • Dual operating system, more option for different users

It is really beautiful smartphone so far in China phone field, good design and affordable price. If you like this phone, don’t miss the discount chance. Here is the details about discount even: NEO M1 Promotion.

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