Competition in China’s Smartphone Market Grows Intense

by Frank Tu 0

Sources from the industry have predicated China’s smartphone market to shift their focus to the middle and high-end models, as the country’s smartphone brands continue competing to improve their price-to-performance ratio.

According to the sources, while brands such as Levono, ZTE, Coolpad and Huawei have reduced their high-end model development speed, targeting models within the CNY799-999 (US$128-160) as well as the CNY1,799-1,999 price range instead, other brands such as Vivo, Meizu and Oppo have been aiming for the price range of CNY2,000, releasing models with better hardware specifications and unique features.

Additionally, sources reveal that Smartisan Technology and OnePlus Tech, new competitors in the field, are going to release their middle to high-end phones catered to the price range of CNY2,500-3000.

The sources say OnePlus’s debut model, the OnePlusOne will include a 5.50inch 1080p IPS screen and a 13-megapixel camera, with a Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon 801 CPU, custom CyanogenMod Read-Only Memory (ROM) and 3GB RAM. It will also support LTE.