Xiaomi New Domain Price Exposed: Simply Too Outrageous

by Frank Tu 0

Today, Beijing Xiaomi technology officially opened mi.com, and will automatically transfer all assets from its old domain, www.xiaomi.com to the new domain www.mi.com.


Afterwards, Xiaomi Technology CEO  Leijun stated on Weibo that Xiaomi’s new domain fee is “daylight robbery”, and might be the most expensive domain in all of China’s domain dealing history. So, just how much did this domain cost?


Sources say that Xiaomi’s current domain name deal cost over USD$4 millon, which is the equivalent of CNY$25 million, certainly not a small number.


Is Xiaomi becoming a little tyrannical?




Co-founder of Xiaomi, Liwan Wiang, has just confirmed on Weibo that the deal is worth USD$3.6 million, which is about CNY$2.2 million.