Netizens Leak News of Kuaibo Involved in Police Investigations, Reply: “No Problems with the Company

by Frank Tu 0


Police Investigation Leaked on Net, Result: “There are no Problems with the Company”


Today at 12 noon, Netease Technologies leaked on Weibo about how police entered the company grounds of Kuaibo and controlled all its staff, sealing up the company computers.


The Weibo message claims, “The news says that today at 11am, a huge number of police officers entered Kuaibo Company, controlled all their staff, and prohibited touch of all phones and computers, and sealed up all of the company computers. It is currently still ongoing.”


Afterwards, a leaked internal e-mail from CEO Wangxin states, “The company is okay, we are contacting our lawyers.” At the same time, she says that company management is handling the case.


Netease Technologies tried to contact CEO Wangxin to understand the sitaion, but was transferred to a lady who states, “Wangxin is out on business.” She is unaware of what had happened.


Internal employees within Kuaibo have also expressed to the media, that Kuaibo’s company restructuring from some time ago had a big impact on the internet, and that the police only came  to understand the situation and had left the premises, and that the staff were all on their afternoon break. They claim the report to be an exaggeration.


Last week, Kuaibo announced that the company would be restructuring from a technology company to a content creation company, and will be cleaning out pirated and vulgar content, closing their QVOD service platform, and stopping their video-on-demand services and downloads.


Kuaibo states that copyright protection-wise, they will be investing CNY 1 billion to build original content, as well as CNY 30 million to support local movie innovations.


Yesterday, Sohu’ s  CEO Zhang Chaoyang talked about Kuaibo, Baidu and other third-party video-streaming platform’s conflicts with the copyright. He felt that if Kuaibo were to close, it would be the result of Sohu’s strategy. He says, “Regarding Baido video and Kuaibo’s shutdown, it is the result of our second battle with copyright.”