Leijun Clarifies Xiaomi’s Internationalization Plan: Brand to Enter 10 Countries This Year

by Frank Tu 2

Yesterday, on Xiaomi’s new domain mi.com, Leijun announced that the fees of purchasing the domain were USD$3.6 million, equivalent to CNY$22 million. Xiaomi hopes to use this domain as the heart of its internationalization plan.

Since last year, Xiaomi has tested the waters of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Leijun announced that this year, the company will enter 10 additional markets, including:

Asia: Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam

Europe: Russia, Turkey

The Americas: Brazil, Mexico.

Leijun has stated that he and vice-chairperson Li Wanqiang will focus on serving the local market, while Li Bin and Hubo Barra will manage the international markets.

Leijun has said that from over one year of testing waters, it has proven that their business plan is viable. He says that the team has also drafted out a plan for global expansion.