Xiaomi puts new products on market: The Xiaomi router, Mini router, and Enhanced Xiaomi Box

by Frank Tu 0

On April 23, Xiaomi will release its three new hardware devices, the Xiaomi Router, Mi router Mini, and the enhanced version of the Mi Box.

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Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, also announced that the company would launch its products in Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, and Mexico in 2014.

Xiaomi Router = small-scale home server.

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Lei Jun explained that the 802.11 ac router had already underwent three beta tests and that it could run at a speed of 1167 mbps. “A new toy for enthusiasts”— The Xiaomi Router can be considered to be the most fun wi-fi router to date and can be assembled by the users themselves.

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Beamforming is an important feature of AC routers and can be used to get a stronger signal.

In addition, the Xiaomi Router uses a 2×2 dual-frequency antenna, has an independent signal amplification chip, can conserve energy, along with other features.

After explaining why users need to change their router, Lei Jun asked another question. Why was it necessary to add a hard disk to use the router? A true wireless router should be easy to use, and the Xiaomi Router’s operating system can be set up in just two steps.

Furthermore, more than 100 kinds of improvements have already been done on its functions, now being able to an open platform and also support plug-in extensions.

The company has also focused on strengthening client protection after a CCTV report exposed safety problems.

The Xiaomi Router can effectively increase web browser speed using a built-in Sogou browser engine and increase download speed using a powerful downloader.

Xiaomi router= small-scale home server! This router, with its miwifi system, which can increase the user’s internet speed twice as much, a security system with a 3DES encryption, and a built-in smart home control center only costs 699 RMB! Make a reservation at Mi.com at 6:00 tonight and be the first in stores on Friday!

 The cheapest double frequency AC router: The Xiaomi Mini Router: 802.11 AC, 2×2 double frequency antenna, a very powerful signal; single MT7620A CPU, 128 gb DDR3 high-speed ram, built-in smart home control center; available in red, orange, blue, white, green, and black, sold for just 129 RMB.

Xiaomi Box Enhanced Version: 3840 x 2160 high resolution, ultra high definition, four times as powerful as 1080p resolution, smooth touchpad.


New, wonderful design: ①AV interface is now 3.5mm ②Additional USB port ③Additional Micro SD slot, and can store up to 64GB.

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