Photo of what is suspected to be the Xiaomi Mi3S leaked!

by Frank Tu 0

If they did not reveal the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi3S at yesterday’s press conference, then when will they? It looks like will happen soon. This afternoon, @ CTech released a photo of what appeared to be the new Xiaomi Cellphone 3S, but quickly deleted it. Fortunately, Weibo user @krebor was able to save the photo and put it on the internet.

Based on the photo, its operating system is based on that of the Android 4.4.2’s MIUI V5 syste, with a 2.5GHz quadcore processor (MSM8x74AC), built-in 3GB ram and 16GB memory space, and it’s baseband is MPSS.DI.3.0-568ef8a. Unfortunately, its model number appears to be LEO W, so it cannot be the 3S. Many express skepticism about other photos that were posted as well.

Another phone was apparently stored in a case but it seems to be more shaped like the Xiaomi Cellphone 3. The 3S is expected to be revealed before June.