Unboxing the NEO M1 (Video)

by Shine Wong 5

neo m1 unboxing

NEO M1 phone finally arrive at our office, and we can’t wait to unbox this new beautiful design phone. The NEO M1 box looks similar with Meizu MX3, M1 phone, a EU charger, USB cable and a simple English manual in a white carton box. Just watch this video and find the details.

The NEO M1 review also will come soon.

NEO M1 main specs:

– 5.99mm extreme thin aluminium body
– 5-inch HD screen covers Corning Gorilla Glass touch panel
– 1,3GHz quad-core processor, excellent energy efficiency
– 13-megapixel rear camera, Sony IMAX lens
– LDS anntena provide better signal receiving capability
– Dual operating system, more option for different users