Smartisan T1 Will Release Today To Compete With Xiaomi

by Shine Wong 0

Smartisan Phone
Today the Smartisan Phone will formally be pushed out, what specs will this RMB 4000-priced phone have? Now some users give out the basic specs, comparing the flagship standard spec and  RMB 4000 Yuan price ($650), it is still not interested, maybe Luo has retained some higher edition.
The information said Smartisan Phone will build in 5 inch 1080p screen, the provider is Sharp, hosting the most common Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB Ram( limited by RF technical limit), it is why the phone don’t support 4G network on previous 3C certification. The phone’s size is 141×67.8×8.25mm, with 13MP Sony camera ( front 5MP) and 2750 mAh battery, downside the screen is tangible menu and back buttons, whose functions can be changed. (there are symmetrical solid button in both sides of the phone).
Update: The first generation Smartisan phone named: Smartisan T1