The picture of new ZTE smartphone is revealed, suspect as Nuia Z7 smartphone?

by Rosgani 0

Nubia Z7-03

ZTE is preparing the new smartphone, according to ZTE Nuia official micrologging site, they announced to unveiled the new smarphone on May 30th.

ZTE is already release their new flagship smartphone, ZTE Nuia Z6 in China, the phone is also comes with new Nuia UI 2.0, and now we also heard the rumor about the upcoming ZTE Nubia Z7. back to November last year, the phone has spread as the rumor and the phone will be available in 6,44 inch screen size.

The new rumor is also says that the new Nubia smartphone will available in larger screen size and there is a slogan more “big” thing. It may the new Nubia smartphone will packs with 6,4 inch screen size this similar with the recent rumors hat we covered on last November.

And the upcoming Nuboa Z7 is possible to has nice specs, powerfull processor and larger internal storage and RAM. So what do you think?

Nubia Z7-01 Nubia Z7-02