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Giveaway – Win A Free NEO M1 Phone

by Shine Wong 9

neo m1 giveaway

NEO M1 maybe is most beautiful smartphone from China this year. The super slim 5.99mm aluminum body, powerful and energy-saving quad-core processor run smooth on Android, 13-megapixel Sony camera is easy to take good quality photos anytime. There is a great news for who like this phone: NEO official shop provide a free NEO M1 phone to Gizmochina Youtube channel subscribers, anyone has chance to win it that just has a M1 phone from official shop.

How to win the free NEO M1 phone? Here is the rules:

How to win a free NEO M1 phone?

You will have chance to win the FREE NEO M1 phone that you just follow 3 steps:

1. Buy a NEO M1 phone with a discount price from official shop: $20 off (The listing price is $179.99, and now is $159.99)

2. Upload a review video of NEO M1, and share it with your friends, and leave your video watch url and your order number on our forum. Here is forum link:

3. Subscribe on our partner Gizmochina Youtube channel, here is Gizmochina channel link:

Who will win the FREE NEO M1 phone?

The most visited review video (before July 15th) uploader will win the FREE NEO M1 phone. (You must be Gizmochina Youtube channel subscriber)

The winner’s video will be shared on Gizmochina.

There is 2 options for winner: 1. Get another FREE NEO M1 phone, or 2. Get full refund


More details, please visit NEO official page: NEO M1 Giveaway

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  • ailkayu

    would you confirm that the thickness of the phone is 5.99 mm, might there be a cheat like inew v3, which is still advertised as 6.5 mm but that 6.5 is at the edges real thickness is 7.9 mm at the middle.

    • I have not measured the thickness, but I have compared them, NEO M1 is slim a lot than iNew V3, the V3 plastic case looks very cheap. 😀

    • Dusan

      The real thickness is 7mm 🙁

  • letalangel

    Ok, but if I order today, when they can ship? Because to 30th june are so few days…. is it in stock? They are fast?

    • I have asked NEO, they have enough M1 phones in stock, so don’t worry about the date, and they have delayed the date to July 15th, so that customers have enough time to share their video.

  • Michael Strauss

    No dual sim = fail. Sorry Neo.

  • letalangel

    I try but i get ERROR invalid coupon code “NEOM120”

    • NEO offer $20 discount directly, needn’t input discount code now.

  • buzz

    Is the company still working on a Windows O/S for this phone , or has that idea been scrapped.