ZTE Will Release The First Phone With MTK MT6290 4G LTE Processor

by Shine Wong 2


Although MTK is lagging behind in 4G era, it is better than the chasing 3G era, rumors and informations indicate the MTK LTE chip has begun to mass produced, duo chips solution in the beginning, and Octacore + Quadcore solution following, and then MT6595 is going to launch.

So who will be the first one built in MTK 4G chips? According to rumors, Zhongxing may be listed as one, insider from ZTE told that a phone built in MTK octa core LTE platform is coming out!

According to informed @Naning10028 public, we have a general profile to the MTK LTE product. Firstly, the design, it will use same out look design as Zhongxing memo 2, which is laconically designed, no camera ledge in 7.8 mm body, however, for the new product is adjusted its inner structure, the phone will not support double card double standby anymore, only a SIM card slot left, and it support tf extension.

And to the specs. Details is most known to us, the processor ‘s type is still unknown, predicted the MT6592 octa core solution, adding LTE Modem based on MT6592, support China Mobile 4G. Screen is 5 inch 720P resolution LTPS screen, 5MP and back 8MP double camera, 2300 mAH battery, these are the same as memo 2, different is the memory, the LTE new phone has 2GB running memory, with 16GB storage built in.

Regrettably, the phone may be firstly available only for China Mobile customers who use U880, later may be open to all.

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