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Video: HTC Desire 816 vs HTC One Mini 2

by Rosgani 1


While we’ve covered the news about the HTC One Mini 2 smartphone, is now we have the comparing the HTC One Mini 2 smartphone with HTC Desire 816.

Both phone is targeting for mid-range phone but the HTC One Mini 2 is look more elegant with metal body cover while the Desire 816 is use plastic body cover.

The software on both phone is look identical, but the Desire 816 has more larger size than HTC One Mini 2. Both the Desire and the mini have 720p screens, but thanks to the smaller size of the mini, it wins out in picture quality: 326ppi compared to the Desire’s 267ppi.

Here is the video to show the different between the two :

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  • Eddy

    The One may be HTC’s flagship device for the year, but the mini 2 is a more approachable handset thanks to its reduced footprint, lower price point, and compelling performance/value.