ZTE high-end smartphone is ready to compete with Apple and Samsung

by Rosgani 0

Nubia X6-compare-05

The one of Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE is ready to compete with the giant phone manufacturer such as Apple and Samsung. ZTE hopes, their high-end smartphone will becoming the Apple and Samsung rival when it comes to brand awarness.

ZTE is now already release their high-end device through Nubia lineup smartphone. And upcoing Nubia Z7 smartphone is ready to hit the market and make the big wave for global marjet in the near future.

ZTE’s executive vice-president Zeng Xuezong has said to foreign media “a gap between the brand awareness of Chinese companies and those top global brands. After our efforts in the past two years, I believe our brand awareness and approval rating from customers could rival those of Apple and Samsung in China,”

It will be more efforts for ZTE to bring their brand to accept in foreig country, especially for US market, the chalanges not just because Apple and Samsung are well-established brands, but also the some security issue from government concern to the Chinese telecoms devices.

For a while now, ZTE Nubia smartrphone has available in US market, through the Nubia Z5 and Nubia Z5 Mini, and the upcoming Nubia Z7 will also more attention for most user in the global market.