The VSUN HEXA hexa-core cell phone coming soon!

by Frank Tu 0

Although Vsun has been releasing a lot of new smart phones in China recently including the i1s, sales have been poor, so they decided to try out the foreign market.

In Vsun’s official foreign website, we discovered their newest product, the Vsun Hexa. Based on the name, we can see that they released another hexa-core smart phone.

The Vsun Hexa’s design is very similar to the Titanium Hexa’s. The only difference is that it looks more awe-inspiring and extravagant.

The Vsun Hexa’s features are not fully integrated yet. It uses the MTK MT6591 processor and runs on the Android 4.4 kitkat operating system. It also has an HD display screen that is approximately 5 in. It uses ON-Cell touch technology and supports dual-frequency WIFI. More details coming soon.

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Based on Vsun’s recent actions, it seems the Vsun Hexa is aimed at the international market. There is currently no information on whether or not it will be released in China.

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