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How To Install Google Play Into Color OS On OPPO Find 7 And OnePlus One

by Shine Wong 24


OPPO Find 7, Find 7a and Oneplus One all these flagship smartphones are installed Color OS which is base on Android 4.3 now, the default software has no Google Play, it is not convenience for most users. Don’t worry about it, here is guide to help you to add Google Play store and other Google service to your phone.

Thanks for Oppomart, the OPPO Find 7 and Oneplus one samples are provided by them to test this process.

Here is guide, for both OPPO Find 7 and Oneplus One:

Step 1: Please download Google Mobile Service file from here:  Google-Play-Color-OS

Setp 2: Connected your phone with computer via USB cable, copy the downloaded file to phone’s root folder

Setp 3: Setting > About Phone > System Update

google play oppo find 7

Step 4: click the Local update

google play oneplus one

Step 5: click Refresh

google play color os

Step 6: click the download zip file

color os google play

Step 7: Start updating, update now

color os updating

Step 8: don’t power off your phone, it will reboot and continue updating, about 30 seconds, it will be finished.

color os google play store

It is easy, and download any apps from Google play now. Enjoy it.

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  • JJ

    Does the phone have to be rooted in order to do this?

    • Worked on mine without rooting.

      • Rukshan Unantenna

        can you please upload Google-Play-Color-OS please. Right now it can not access.

  • OPO User

    Hi, Does it work on Color OS 2.0

  • r

    it does not work. even after i press refresh nothing comes out

  • chasequatch

    Will this operation work with the OPPO R6007? Not much banter on this weaker model, but I’d love to have google access on it. Any help would be appreciated.

  • LC

    i tried it but it failed. it says to but it on into the “root” folder but dont no where as i have no experience in rooting. can someone clarify specifically which folder or where i should drop this zip file? thanks!

    • ravi

      root folder means internal storage or sd card storage not inside other folder

  • Alex

    I just tried this on my new out of the box Chinese OPO running Color OS 1.2.0, just as in the pictures, but it fails to work. Anyone else run into this?

  • byza

    Could you please advise exactly which folder I need to copy the download into as I am not sure what you mean by root folder,. I have a oneplus one

  • akira1

    It does not work. I bought the phone 3 days ago and I still cannot use any google product. What should I do?

  • Topmix Haytham

    I have purchased OPPO Find 7 Premium version ( CPU Quad core 2.5 GHz) from China one week ago ,the phone has Chinese & English languages only ,I used English only, the phone by default coming without Google play store as there is no access to any of Google web sites inside china and I am living out of china . I need to get Google play store im my new mobile phone in order to be able to download programs, games…..etc which is available in play store .

    I have red the steps mentioned in the above but it is not clear where I should copy the downloaded zip, file name is ( google-play-color-os with 67.1 MB size ) . no idea how can I get root folder you have mentioned in the above steps.
    would you please advise exactly which folder I need to copy the downloaded into where ? as I am not sure what you mean by root folder, to prevent any problem in the new phone if something done in wrong way, I appreciate your support and assistant. Regards , HR

  • Sparky

    Does not work

  • Disappointed!

    Followed instructions, as directed and “Upgrade failed”!

  • Thulana Fernando

    Can anyone please help us on this? The instructions are not that clear?

  • Paulo Chou

    Hello! Could you guys re-upload the file again? It gets the following message from Dropbox:

    “Error (509)

    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!”

    I`ve search for other files but this one seems to be the only one that will work for me.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Fredy

    Nothing works like others wrote. Author why don’t you respond?

  • Peterst

    OnePlus – ColorOSv1.2.0(4.3) – install failed ! Doesn’t work.

  • IMAM

    CAN this process be used in OPPO A31t

  • Chathura

    not working. oneplus one android 4.3 colorOS 1.2

  • Adeilyn Alo

    Question: how to fix missing google play services from oppo neo 5. The play store seems disappeared from home screen. And i can’t download any application I want. Inform and help me please. Thanks

  • chplaya

    I can not install the Google Play Store for Oppo, does anyone know how to install it

  • It Not Work 😀

  • Root can install Play Store for oppo?