The OnePlus One is actually NOT Waterproof

by Frank Tu 1


So now apparently the OnePlus One is waterproof? It was only a few weeks ago that rumours were being debunked that it had a Micro SD slot, and now this. Will we be back in a month to make sure you know it can’t fly or clean your car? Where this all came from is a video clip where a brave OnePlus One owner notices that a rain shower doesn’t cause his OnePlus One to combust and so decides to dunk it in water. For 12 seconds the OnePlus One is underwater and survives apparently none the worse for the experience. This would be taken as one man’s scientific interest gone too far, but a surprising amount of people are following in his footsteps and commenting on what good news it is that they can now take an excellent selfie while scuba diving and play Candy Crush in the bath.

So here is the truth of the matter: all phones are tested for water resistance, the OnePlus One is no different. It emerged from those tests with no water resistance label, therefore it is not recommended for use under water and in the quite likely event that you damage your phone in this way, it is not covered in the warranty. You have been warned people: arriving at your phone dealer with a waterlogged OnePlus One is only likely to bring you embarrassment and a pretty hefty repair bill. The phone promises many things, but the ability to swim is unfortunately not one of them. We’ll leave the last word on the matter to a OnePlus representative: “the OnePlus One is not endorsed as a water resistant product and water damage will not be covered by warranty”. So there we have it, step away from the fishtank and think on.