[Video] GEAK announced the second generation GEAK watch Ⅱ round design:will come to the market in September

by Frank Tu 0

Yesterday, GEAK officially announced a video of its second generation GEAK watch. This is not an official release, as previously I learned from GEAK’s CEO Gu Xiaobin , GEAK overturned the first-generation GEAKwatch designs, all over again. The biggest change is the concept, GEAK wants their GEAKwatch has a consistent appearance with traditional watches. So, they choose a rounded shape design.

Metal case, leather strap and round LCD screen, which became signature elements of the second-generation   GEAKwatch.

Select the circular shape is actually a very risky practice, particularly this involves the application interface matching. From the current interface, this product will still support telephone answering, text and micro letter messages and other information reminds, meanwhile it can expand the television remote control via App functions, based on this functions, this   system should still be an Android device.

According GEAK’s plans, this product will not appear on the   market until September, in the next three months, there will be a design improvement process which will invite users to participate in, at the same time closed and opened beta will be in progress.

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