The ZTE Qingyang 2 4G edition coming soon: Uses octa-core processor, has 2GB RAM and costs about 3000 RMB (481.62 USD)

by Frank Tu 0

To compete with the Huawei P7, ZTE revealed their newest 4G flagship phone, the Qingyang 2 4G edition. Recently, photos of the new phone were leaked online.


The ZTE Qingyang 2 4G edition almost looks exactly the same as the original. It has a white thin shape. The speakers are located at the bottom while the standby and volume buttons are located at the right side. Unlike the regular version however, on the back of the phone, you can see its new logo.


According to earlier reports, the Qingyang 2 4G edition will be available in black and white and sports a 5-inch 720p display screen and 2GB RAM. It also uses the 4G MT6592 octa-acore chipset (with the frequency band of the MT6290). The rest of its features are the same as the original. It has a 5mP/8mP camera and runs on a 2300mah battery.


The Qingyang 2 4G edition is set to hit stores at the end of the month with some sources saying that it will cost around 3000 RMB.


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