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ZTE Nubia Z7 is unveiled with full metal body design

by Rosgani 4

ZTE is ready to release their new flagship smartphone, ZTE Nubia Z7, this phone is becoing a rumor for long ago, and now we heard that ZTE is ready to held the conference on July 8th.

According to Department Science and Technology, we got the leaked piture of ZTE Nubia Z7 smartphone, the phone is covered by full metal body and the side design is similar with HTC One M8 design, while the softbutton design is similar with previous Nubia model with red circle in the midle under the screen.

According to leaked picture, the ZTE Nubia Z7 has narrow border, while the screen is covered by glass cover. And according to recent rumors, the phone will powered by Snapdragon 805 processor, 4G network, support for dual-card dual simcard, and offers with 3,495 yuan price tag or about $563 USD.

Here is the picture:

ZTE Nubia Z7-01

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  • Danny

    That is one good looking phone! Looking forward for more details, in particular battery (obviously non-removable) and storage microSD supported. If there is a 64Gb version who needs it 😛

  • I think nubia z7 is the real flagship phone this year

  • In China, only Huawei, ZTE and OPPO have their phone R&D team, other factories are ODM products

  • Oneplus is a young company, so I think their oneplus one is made via OPPO team.