OPPO PM-1, premium headset which offers with more $1,099 USD

by Rosgani 0


OPPO the one of Chinese smartphone manufacturer is noe unveiled their forst audio device, OPPO PM-1 headset, this is the premium headset on the market. This headset is first leaked from OPPO Indonesia.


According to the rumor, the OPPO PM-1 will becomeing the Super premium headset device which offers with more than $1,099 USD price tag.

The PM is stand for Planar Magnetic Headphones. These headphones sound is produce on the two sides of the light and thin diaphragm, while the entire surface is move. The diaphragm was then moving the push and pull symmetrical. Magnetic and conductor system has also been optimized for maximum sensitivity and consistency.

Because the diaphragm has two sides, OPPO can embed conductor with more magnets, thereby minimizing the return passive zone where the conductor does not work. In other words, more efficient, and the sound quality is not affected by the output impedance of the headphone amplifier.

OPPO claims the sound will be very natural, very sensitive, and the headphones has lightweight package. There is no information about release date.