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ZTE Nubia Z7 Review: A Top-range Phone With Dual SIM 4G LTE

by Frank Tu 26


Nubia Z7 is another flasghip from Nubia after the Nubia X6 this year, there are some serious improvements and the new Z7 is a serious smartphone that should serve to cement ZTE’s reputation as a world-leader in high-end smartphone design. It has been worth the hype and the wait and what follows is why.

1 The Build-Up

The Nubia Z7 is the new, long-awaited flagship from ZTE, following on from the competetive Nubia X6 . Since the announcement of the Z7 there have been teasing photographs released and even an online questionnaire trying to get people to guess the specs of the Nubia Z7, generating a buzz without giving much away. The teasing can stop now though, because it is finally available and with all the hints and obscure photographs forgotten, what do we actually have left? Is there anything special underneath all the intriguing marketing ploys? Well it turns out there are a series of phones, not just the one. The Nubia Z7 Max and Z7 Mini have been released simultaneously. For this review though, we’ll focus on the Nubia Z7 flagship only, and yes, it is actually pretty special.

2 Appearance

Firstly the Nubia Z7 a well-designed smartphone, with the teaser pictures being an accurate portrayal of the square shape and metallic sides, it looks a bit like an iPhone or an Ascend P6/P7. The black front and black back cover give the phone a very stylish look.

6 5 8 9There’s the (now customary) red ring around the camera and enter button we’ve come to expect from ZTE too. The camera is set deep into the phone, with no protrusions, making the viewpoint better and giving the smartphone a better look and feel. Overall the appearance manages to be uncluttered, sleek and distinctive at the same time, quite an achievement and making a very attractive smartphone. It’s quite slim too, only 8.5mm thick, making it light for it’s size and easily carried around, the cover has a good feel too and it doesn’t get marked by fingerprints easily and not too slippery in the hand.


The red home button has been inherited from the first generation of Nubia.



There are receiver, front camera and light sensor at it’s front.

V9I79R2A0YBO_DSC08006_500 3LRS2031RD5A_DSC08035_500 5X8HP0C3TX4F_DSC08004_500



5744Q044G6Y1_conew_screenshot_2014-07-07-08-56-08_250 XY9696R63S73_conew_screenshot_2014-07-07-08-46-48_250

 Nubia Z7’s Antutu benchmark


 Nubia Z7’s Nenamark benchmark

The Nubia Z7 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor, which while acceptable, is a bit of a let-down. Most of us already have a quad-core smartphone, and people are now expecting octa-core from new flagships. There are already many octa-core flagships on the way that the Z7 will have to compete with so this may well be an issue. Why not wait a few more months and take your pick from the range of octa-core devices available instead? The processor isn’t terrible, just nothing new, and performance shouldn’t suffer too much; it is a pretty capable piece of kit and there’s plenty of RAM for it to play with (3GB). The GPU is a Adreno 420, and there’s 32GB ROM too, which is expandable through MicroSD so there’s no problem storing a lot of your games or other large files. If you’re intending to download a television series, go right ahead.




The display is a lovely 2560 x 1440 resolution 5.5 inch screen, given it a truly impressive pixel count (445 PPI) and making gameplay and video playback HD quality. It is the first phone to have a RAM-supported auto-refresh function for its 2K screen. All this is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, which keeps the screen safe from scratches and cracks, which is great, it would be a tragedy to have all this capability and ruin it with screen damage. There aren’t any better display packages on the market at the moment and if this feature is something you look for then you won’t go far wrong here.

There is also a developed User Interface, with the Android 4.4 Kitkat overlayed with the Nubia UI, which has been upgraded to Nubia 2.0. Without using the phone it is hard to tell whether this makes a massive difference but it will be interesting to see what the new features and tweaks are in this newer interface.

3 Camera

One major bonus of the Nubia Z7 is the 13MP OSI optical Vibration Reduction rear camera, purported to have taken this picture of the Milky Way with the help of a star tracker. It supports a f/2.0-f/22 aperture and its photo software is the new Neo Vision 4.0.  This is a great camera, which also benefits from OIS optical stability function and LED flash, so for people who take a lot of photos, this would be a huge advantage. The front camera is 5 MP, which is perfectly fine for a front shooter.








Nubia UI 2.5


4 Connectivity



Dule-SIM card


Both of the SIM card supports 3G and 4G

The Nubia Z7  supports internet networks provided by China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. They also support TD-LTE, FDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, EVDO, and GSM internet as well as dual-SIM 4G internet. This is excellent coverage and connection problems shouldn’t be an issue with such a range and the dual-SIM capacity.


5 Extra features/Accessories


Nubia Z7 support OTG

There is GPS, A-GPS, OTG and the latest in smartphone must-haves, the fingerprint scanner; it’s a good security feature and something of a novelty for gadget lovers. It comes boxed with the usual accessories, battery, USB cable, charger and user manual. The battery is a decent size, and features quick recharging. Another handy feature is the addition of MHL 3.0.

6 Verdict 

The Nubia Z7 is a good phone with some great features making some great progress from its predecessor the X6. For those who require a good camera and excellent display, you won’t find much better available on the market. With the only let-down being the quad-core processor, and this not being poor, just not brilliant, the phone itself is definitely a triumph. For the price tag you’re getting a very well-designed and powerful device that really is a flagship to take notice of, especially if camera and display are your thing. It is these areas where the Z7 excels, and there really isn’t anything available at the moment that can beat it.


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  • Madhan Kumar

    Pls,GizmoChina can you prepare a chart for Network support & specs for all the three variants?Thanks in Advance!

    • Yes, we posted specs comparison article

      • Danny

        The specs are incorrect. Please don’t use oppomart or other vendors to get the specs, go to the manufacturer site.

      • Madhan Kumar

        Thanks,yeah I have seen it.But,can you do the same thing for Huawei Honor 6 Series.Because it seems like two of them are Specific locked variants for China’s Network.So,pls prepare a chart,it’s really confusing with it’s specs & Network Band Support!

      • Madhan Kumar

        Dear Shine Wong Sir,pls I would like to know whether ZTE’s Nubia Z7 Max Model has MHL 3.0,Fast Charging & NTFS Compability Support?Pls do,reply sir!

  • natocTo

    really Adreno 420? I think it should be in snapdragon 805 not 801

    • Danny

      Yep that spec is incorrect, it’s the Adreno 330, it’s even on the nenamark benchmark picture LOL

  • abdelrahman adel

    is this the back of z7 or z7 max in the other pot you put this back to max

  • Rashel

    That snapdragon 801 is better than any octacore available in the market for phone. Ridiculous writing.

    • Danny

      Indeed the 801 is the best processor available, and event he 805 is a quad core, the 808 is a Dual-core and the 810 is also a Quad core, so Qualcomm is not going to release any Octa cores until 2016 for sure. Still the benchmark is very low, the software must be really crippling this device it should reach above 33.000 on Antutu easily.

      • mf1gt3r

        He probably tested in power saving mode.

    • R3mba

      i agree with you,,,Abnybody is recensit these days..So sad…

  • jim

    How much is the phone?

    • Oppomart listed them, Z7 – $599, Z7 max-$399, Z7 mini-$299

      • Bojan Radovanović

        2x One+1, but then again, it WILL BE AVAILABLE for anyone, and it will have support from manufactora and XDA

      • balcobomber25

        Oppomart is always overpriced. You can find the Z7 as low as $450-500 and the Z7 mini for $250 you just have to look around for good sales.

        • R3mba

          250?? hardly..This pone goes as 286$ in to2,c and similar trustworthy stores..

          • balcobomber25

            I bought one for $260 back when I posted this commented (5 months ago) and everyone had it on sale. Even today I still found out it for cheaper than Oppomart. Amazon has it for $279.

          • R3mba

            i’m from croatia and i cant buy any technicks from amazon..

  • toioioio

    Should i choose honor 6 ornubia z7?
    Or should i wait a bit for 6595?

    • toioioio

      Help anyone?

      • I think Honor 6 and nubia z7 both are better than mt6595 phone. I think Honor 6 is a good choice.

        • toioioio

          do you happen to know the figures of the memory read/write on the honor 6?

  • Samsudin Ahmad

    Is the specs correct, the z7 doesn’t come with an sd card slot as opposed to z7 max and z 7 mini. Can you confirm

  • khan

    sir, octacore is just a marketing gimmick, there is not anything on par with the quad core krait architechture, which surpasses even an cortex a7 octacore in performance, the unwanted quad hd screen is to be blamed for any performance issues or battery drains, though i aware the latest exynos processor from samsung, which is based on the big.LITTLE architechture, will do great..

  • Chozhan

    Frank i would like to know a list smartphone with EVDO REV B network to use in India with MTS network….Thnks