The Meizu MX4 will sport a 2K screen and come out in September

by Frank Tu 1

Only a few months left until Meizu releases their newest flagship phone, the MX4.


Previous snapshots of the MX4, which is set to come out in September, show that its design is very similar to the MX3’s, except that the former has a narrower frame. The MX4 will continue to use the Samsung Exynos 5430 processor and will sport a 5.4-inch 2K display screen and a 20.7mp rear-facing camera. It will also support fingerprint recognition. Some reports, however, say that the MX4’s processor is actually the MTK MT6595 octa-core chipset.


Regardless of what processor the MX4 will use, its 2K display screen should be popular with many users. This afternoon, the chief inspector for iSuppli Corp., @Kevin王 , also confirmed that the MX4’s display screen would have 2K resolution.