The BIRD L600 4G phone has a 5-inch screen and 1.3GHz processor

by Frank Tu 0

Like many cellphone brands, BIRD has started aiming for the 4G market. Recently, they revealed their newest 4G phone, the BIRD L600.


The BIRD L600 does not have specs that are as good as the L7 4G phone which, like the L600, also uses China Mobile. The L600 can support TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA and GSM internet, and its processors are the MT6582 (1.3GHz) quad-core processor and the MT6290.


The BIRD L600 sports a 5-inch display screen with qHD resolution (960 x 540) and also has 1GB RAM and 4GB internal memory space. Its cameras are also weaker than the L7’s. Its front-facing camera only has .3mp while the rear-facing camera has 5mp.


As of now, all devices that use 4G chips from MTK use the Android 4.42 OS. The BIRD L600 is no exception and uses the KitKat system. As the photo shows, there is a small hole above the main camera which means that this phone may support dual-microphone noise-cancellation.1-140PF01ZAb 1-140PF01T3K3

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