The ZOPO Xiaohei X is coming!

by Frank Tu 2

It’s been a while since ZOPO made the headlines in China unlike in Malaysia and Hong Kong where they launched new brands.

The product most Chinese associate ZOPO with is the Xiaohei series. Recently, the company announced on their official Weibo account that the newest Xiaohei phone is coming and that it will probably be called the ZOPO Xiaohei X. According to the company, the Xiaohei X may be sold as a flagship device. Unfortunately, they did not reveal any details about its price.

Now that 4G phones have become mainstream, it makes sense for the next Xiaohei to be LTE-supported. Furthermore, considering that MTK has already released 4G processors and the act that ZOPO’s cellphones have used processors from MTK, MTK will probably provide the processor for ZOPO’s next phone like the MT6592 or higher.

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