Snapshot of MIUI 6 OS, shows flat icons and immersive status bar

by Frank Tu 0

Only four days left until Xiaomi formally launches the MIUI 6 and the China Unicom and China Telecom versions of the Mi 3 and Mi 4 will be the first to be used for its beta tests. Not a lot has been revealed so far about the MIUI 6, only that it may have an immersive status bar and flat icons.


Last night, a snapshot of what is purportedly the MIUI 6 was leaked online. This is most definitely the beta version (MIUI 4.16.1). The photo shows that flat icons and status bar have become a standard configuration for the MIUI 6 and that the status bar at the top is now immersive. The MIUI 6’s UI is so different from the latest MIUI V5 that it is barely recognizable.


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