THL 5000 Unboxing Picture

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This amazing master piece is the result of some creative and very innovative initiation. The body of THL 5000 phone weighs only 140 grams and the thickness that it has is only 8.9mm. Hence the sleek design and the light weight add some additional spark to the physical description of this cell phone.

THL 5000

The type of THL 5000 is Phablet, which means it can be used both as the cell phone and the tablet, since the screen size of it is 5 inches.  So when you grab this cell in your hands, it is something which is going to be prominent and it won’t let you get your eyes tired by looking at some small screen since it has got a much bigger than many of the phones in the market. These are only the physical descriptions, the technical descriptions are something which would grab your attention and would make you fall in love with this amazing art piece.

THL 5000 THL 5000 THL 5000

The OS used in this phone is Android 4.4 which is the latest one. The processor used here is the Octa Core which can boost up the gaming experience and if you are into gaming, this thing is surely the one that you would want to own. Also, the processor speed is 2.0 GHz and it is the speed which people normal find in the PC. So this can be your small phablet which can serve all the purposes and you can watch all the videos there and can perform many tasks there without getting any worry that it would slow down.

The RAM which is inserted there is of 2 GB, which also makes the cell phone work so fast and hence your data can be fetched pretty fast. The connection to Wi-Fi is one of the important factors of this phone and it can support the NFC,which means that all the short distanced wireless technologies which have the high frequency, can be supported at the cell. Hence one can have the point to the point exchange and the transmission of data.

THL 5000THL 5000

THL 5000 THL 5000

The phone also contains the touch and play and one can download pictures, music and videos and can play them all. This cell phone is also amazing when it comes to movies wince the HD screen can support the 1080P movies and there are some high quality speakers embedded in it so that you can enjoy them all no matter whether you have the earphones or not.

The amazing feature it has is the dual camera. Now you can makes calls at skype, viber or any other medium of your choice and you don’t need to turtlethe phone to show other party your image. The front camera has 5.0 MP and the back camera has 13.0 MP.

THL 5000 vs iPhone 5c

There is the dual SIM functionality and one can ensure that the battery time is going to last long, since it is more like a power bank. Hence you can store much data on it since it can support the external card of up to 32 GB. So, this cell phone is a really good catch and one should make haste since when talked about affordability, the prices are as low as the 269.99 USD.

The battery of the 5000 can be used to charge other gadgets and it supports quick charging. Figures made available by the THL (mind you they are conservative figures) show that the cell can handle 1000 hours standby time, 125 hours music playback, 47 hours talk time, 11.6 hours video playback and 11 hours Net surfing over Wi-Fi. That is massive staying power.

THL 5000

THL 5000 is beautifully designed with connectivity options to get you connected to the rest of the world and massive memory to store your favourite games and media for maximum entertainment. Buy the THL 5000 for  $269.99 from with an offer in which you are able to save as much as $63.19. When you have the THL 5000 in your hands, it means you have grasped a source of boundless joy at your arm length.