THL 5000 real pictures leaked

by Frank Tu 1


This is the THL 5000, a ground-breaking supercharged smartphone with a 5000 mAh battery that most large tablets would be proud of. Coupled with some impressive specifications and clever features this model promises much. Is it now possible to get a smartphone that does what you want for as long as you want? This battery may well be the technology that brings smartphones some real stamina.

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The design is impressive, the phone looks sleek and the body is thin at 8.9mm.

The screen of the THL 5000 is a 5 inch 1080 x 1920 resolution IPS display, protected by third generation Gorilla Glass technology. It is powered by an octa-core Mediatek MT6952 chipset running at 1.7 GHz and loaded with the powerful quad-core Mali 450 GPU which clocks at 700MHz and is capable of running even 3D games with no trouble . The rear camera is a 13 megapixel Sony Exmor with a 5 megapixel at the front. There’s 2GB of RAM and a fairly substantial 32GB of expandable on-board storage, so space is certainly nothing to worry about. A raft of extra features are present in the THL 5000; NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, FM Radio, GPS and OTG. There are many gesture-support functions, including customisable quick gestures (e.g. draw a ‘c’ to fire the camera when the screen is locked) and double tapping wakes the phone from sleep mode. The specifications are very impressive, as the AnTuTu score pictured below shows:


The specifications then are all very impressive, but none as much as the main feature of the THL 5000: that enormous battery. Modern smartphones suffer massively due to the failure of battery technology to keep up with the huge performance capacity. Being able to play great games is all well and good, but to do this for any real length of time means finding a socket or being without a phone for some of the day. The THL offers a solution to this problem: according to the manufacturer, the 5000 mAh battery, made by Amprius, is 25-30% more powerful than other current batteries and can even be used to charge other devices. It can, THL assert, power 47 hours of talking or 11 hours of internet use or 11.6 hours of video playback. This is unprecedented and makes the THL 5000 a hugely desirable model for the heavy media or gaming user and as such it’s well worth the $299 asking price.