20,000 Xiaomi Mi3 handsets sold out within few seconds as the fourth Flipkart sale began

by Frank Tu 1

Xiaomi Mi 3

It happened again, millions of Mi 3 fans who were waiting for the sale were disappointed as the 20,000 phones vanished in few seconds. Flipkart, the online selling site, did this for the fourth time. Flipkart’s sale of Xiaomi new handsets Mi 3 started at 2 PM and ended in seconds. Thousands of people registered for the sale.

Flipkart is being criticized since the Chinese smartphone Xiaomi Mi3 was launched in India. A video shows the last moments of the sale on 12th August at 2 PM. The buy now button was not even seemed.   A video shows that there was the difference in the sale countdown timer on users’ browsers and Flipkart website. The user’s browser time is not synced with the Flipkart server. The people who clicked on ‘Buy’  button got message “Out of stock” as the countdown timer ended.

Some said the sale of was a scam. The fact is, that Flipkart is receiving the handsets in small batches which are put on sale every time.   Flipkart has got 55,000 handsets which were sold in four sales. There are over 3 lac Mi 3 buyers registered on Flipkart. The 20,000 handsets’ batch disappeared with in few seconds as the sale began.

Flipkart and Xiaomi are expected to get bashing from more than 80,000 customers who waited for the sale of Xiaomi Mi 3 handsets, today. As the 20,000 handsets just disappeared within few seconds there would be unsatisfied customers bashing Flipkart and Xiaomi, again.