Unexpected news! Umi to release high-end 2G version of Umi C1/Red Bull Mini

by Frank Tu 1

Soon after its founding, Umi released the X1, X2, Cross, and X3, and later, released the Umi C1 or the Red Bull Mini.

Recently, a new product was listed in Umi’s official website, a high-end version of the C1!

Users who want to buy the C1 can look at its website and see that the original version has 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM. There is also a version with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. This is definitely the high-end edition.
The Umi C1 high-end edition costs 1399 RMB (227.16 USD), 500 RMB more expensive than the low-end version and also the same price as the 6.44-inch screened UMI Cross. The RAM may not be the only that will be upgraded, so watch out.1-140Q215101A40 1-140Q2150952H0