Vimoo Z5 4G phone revealed, has a dual-glass case and 5.5-inch HD screen

by Frank Tu 0

It has not been too long since Vimoo released the V6 but that has not stopped them from preparing their next release. Recently, they revealed the Vimoo Z5 which looks better than the V6.


The Vimoo Z5 certainly has a better-looking design than the V6. As the photos below show, the front side looks the same as any other cellphone’s but its round “Home” button is definitely more eye-catching. The rear case is covered by hard glass, basically following a double-glass design. Readers can also see that there is a SIM card slot in the middle frame. The rear case is not detachable. It is a pretty slim phone, measuring only 7.5mm.


Like V6, the Vimoo Z5 is also a 4G phone. Its processor is the MTK MT6582 quad-core chipset while its baseband chip is the MT6290. It might use China Mobile (TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA-supported). It sports a 5.5-inch IPS screen with HD resolution and has a 5mp/8mp Sony dual-camera. Its operating system is the Android 4.4.


The Vimoo Z5 is slated to come out in September and will probably be more expensive than the V6 which is 1299 RMB (210.95 USD).1-140Q201042RW 1-140Q20104095X